MREA (Marine Rapid Environmental Assessment)

is a scientific methodology that develops concepts and tools for the rapid acquisition of information on environmental marine conditions to support operations at sea and management decisions.
The “Istituto Idrografico della Marina Militare Italiana”, in collaboration with INGV, CNR, CMCC and the University of Bologna, developed a strategy for the national development of MREA competencies.

The MREA general objective is to design and carry out MREA experiments that will collect observations to calibrate and validate the MREA concept for naval and environmental applications in coastal areas

Specific Objectives are:
– Demonstrate the utility of MREA system for naval maneuver operations, search and rescue, contaminant dispersal, sound velocity
– Calibrate/validate relocatable regional/tactical systems nested in basin scale operational oceanographic products
– Increase our understanding of regional mesoscale and sub-mesoscale dynamical processes governing nowcasts/forecasts
– Apply state of the art methods and demonstrate concepts of adaptive sampling and modeling

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