Multi-Model Multi-Physics Dataset

Multi-Model Multi-Physics Dataset

The Multi-Model Multi-Physics dataset includes the collection of daily mean outputs from five operational analysis systems in the Mediterranean

Sea and four outputs from the same operational forecasting model but with different physical parameterization choices. The

study period lasts from 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2008. The main differences between the MMSE members are mainly

due to the different numerical schemes used, the data assimilation scheme and the model physical parameterizations. Optimally

Interpolated satellite Sea Surface Temperature observations (OI-SST) (Marullo et al., 2007) are used as the truth estimator and the model outputs

are compared with the satellite OI-SST to assess their quality. The main characteristics of MMSE members are listed in Table

1, while a more detailed description of the originating analysis and forecasting systems can be found in (dataset_description.pdf).

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